Tim Meagher

Position: Director/Videographer 

Tim is a highly dynamic and artistic with exceptional camera skills and uses state of the art professional equipment, Panasonic HD professional cameras, jib cranes, dolly trolley, hand held stabilizers, ‘Go Pro’ miniature cameras that can be fitted on vehicles.

Liam Davey

Position: Sound Technician

A recent graduate of the University of Brighton studying Music Production, Liam is an experienced sound technician with years of experience using Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X, confident with writing, recording and producing music, voice-overs and foley/sound effects.

Tobias Blank

Position: Graduate Videographer

Toby started working with cameras at the age of 14, making a small film. His main area of interest is in photography and video production, including concerts and events as a photographer. One of the highlights was the European Baseball Championship 2008.

Colin Meagher

Position: Director

Colin has been involved for many years with radio stations in Sussex presenting shows and interviewing guests in an enquiring and respectful manner. He now uses his business experience to help support Brighton Video Production.

Inigo Alcaniz

Position: Photographer & Filmmaker 

Inigo graduated in BA Photography in 2008 at University of the Arts London, where he completed, as well, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in 2012. He now provides photography and film making for BVP.

Paul Gibson

Position: CAA Licenced Aerial Drone Pilot

Brighton Video Production use an aerial drone to capture video from above. Paul is our professional Drone Pilot, and with years of experience is well practiced at flying it high to collect images that can be used in promotional materials.