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Brighton Video Productions is a fantastic resource for all Sussex based businesses and beyond and I have no doubt it will quickly become the GOTO video design and animation development agency for the region. Tim's vision, drive and enthusiasm have created a platform that is already bringing businesses together and the quality of the team supporting BVP is phenomenal. Both Colin and Toby are assets to the BVP organisation, and there is so much potential here and I am very excited to see the impact Brighton Video Production will make on the business community.

The BVP team has created, not 1, not 2 but 3 promotional videos of our B2B Expos this year and we're in awe of their skills and commitment to detail. Tim puts in a huge amount of time into every animation sequence and makes sure that your video is total perfection. So if this is what you require then call Colin or Tim for a quote and you'll never look at another video agency. 

Sonny Cutting, Managing Director, Sussex Pages - & 
Date: 19th May 2016

Align Doctors of Chiropractic

Tim is a very skilled video creator, and his creativity is matched only by his enthusiasm! He’s just made a promotional video for my business, where I talk to companies about keeping your employees happy and healthy. I’m very impressed. Tim listened to my ideas and ran with it. He went out of his way to create animations that fit the dialogue perfectly and brought just the right level of humour. In fact he even offered to repeat the entire filming process at no charge, just because I wasn’t happy with my performance (I’m not a professional presenter!). We did that, and getting it just right meant I felt really satisfied with the whole thing. Talk to Tim about what you want, and let him do his magic! He’s a talented young man. I intend to be using his services again quite a lot.
Michael Cassidy-Hogg

Active Kampers

Tim, Colin, Toby and Brighton Video Production offer a thoroughly professional approach and are totally dedicated from start to finish to making a great video. We were impressed with the use of innovative techniques and the nifty editing. They were a pleasure to work with on our whole day of filming. We are absolutely delighted with our video which showcases our business superbly.
Active Kampers